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Canadian Investment and Immigration Routes

Canada is one of the best places to invest in the world. Canada is the 10th largest economy in the world, accounting for more than 2.4% of total world trade. Only less than half a percent of the world’s population, less than 40 million people live in this vast country, which means that the economic situation in proportion to the population is very great and the economic future is very bright for Canada is forecast. If you are planning to invest in Canada, the immigration consultants and attorneys of Elst International Holding will be your trusted companions in choosing and carrying out the Canadian investment immigration process.

Start your best investment in the world with our company.


Investing alone does not mean allocating financial resources. Ideas and knowledge behind the scenes of the capital industry are invisible.



If you have cash and are thinking of immigrating to Canada, for some reason, buying a business in Canada is the best way to immigrate to invest in Canada.



One way to immigrate to Canada is to register a company, but keep in mind that this alone does not lead to permanent residency or residency in Canada.



One of the safest, easiest and most legal ways for investors to migrate is through entrepreneurship in foreign countries.